What it Means to Join the VISTA Gardens Community

First and foremost VISTA Gardens is a community. As with any community there are a few core commitments that allow the ecosystem to thrive.

1. Maintain* your bed and surrounding walkways using approved organic gardening methods

2. Volunteer for general garden upkeep at least two hours monthly.

3. Participate actively in one of the Community committees. There are a wide variety of options that accommodate all levels of skill and physical ability. Committee projects count toward the two  hour monthly volunteer requirement.

*Maintain = pest free and trimmed plants; regularly harvest ripe or rotted produce; keep your bed and surrouding pathways free from weeds and well covered with mulch (provided by garden)  

VISTA Full Plot 4x16 Cedar Bed
● $140/year September ‘18 - August ‘19
● $75 per season (2x Annually: September '18 – February '19; March '19 - August '19)

VISTA Half Plot 4x8 Cedar Bed
$75/ year; September '18 - August '19
● $40 per season (2x Annually: September '18 - February '19; March '19 - August '19)

VISTA Gardens Social Club
Suggested minimum donation $50 (tax deductible)
Membership includes the following*:
  • Participation in Committee of your choice
  • Free or discounted classes, workshops and events
  • Support VISTA Gardens, participate in a fun outdoor community activity, and
  • Learn sustainable gardening techniques
  • Ration of VISTA Compost Gold
  • Access to herb, butterfly, bird and other shared community garden areas
  •  Access to our "totally beyond organic" seedlings from our greenhouse
    *Fee does not include costs associated with gardening and maintenance of beds

If you have any questions about membership and / or bed availability, please submit the contact form and a member of the membership committee will follow up with you.

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